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Yes, you heard right. It is back! Thursday, April 18th from 6-8. Grab your buddies; business; teammates; neighbors; ANYONE, and build a bed to remember. 

Awards will be given out for:

  • Bring The Heat (1st place )- Entry with the best time. They will claim the prize of the traveling trophy & $200

  • Bring The Heat (2nd place) - $100

  • Guthrie Spirit - The best design. - $100

  • Broken Spring Award - What were you thinking? Will receive a warm round of high fives.

See the rules, regulations and the route below. 

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Required Entry Form & Waiver The Great Bed Run

The Great Bed Run

Proclamations & Rights

1. Each team must consist of five people (4 pushers & 1 rider)

2. All participants must be at least 16 years of age and must sign a release/waiver of liability prior to the race; if under 18 years of age, a guardian must sign the release/waiver of liability.

3. Theme or costume attire is strongly encouraged (G-rated); however, you must be attired!

4. Names, advertising, slogans, & logos may be, and in fact, are encouraged to be part of the bed decorations.  All decorations must be securely mounted to the bed so as not to interfere with safe operation of the bed.

5. All beds must be pushed and cannot be pulled.

6. All pushers are required to have at least one hand on the bed at all times during the race & must have control at all times.

7. The rider must be on the bed as long as the bed is in motion and may not help at any time in the propulsion of the bed.  If the rider falls off, the bed must come to a complete stop until the rider is back on. Bed rider must sit or lay on the bed-this is not a surfing competition!

8. All 5 team members must pass the finish line with the bed in order to be timed.

9. Bed specs:

·      Beds must be no smaller than a manufactured twin size mattress & no bigger than a manufactured queen size mattress.

·      The mattress cannot be rolled and has to be laid flat just as a normal bed mattress appears.

·      Beds must be a mattress. Pads do not qualify.

·      No baby, Styrofoam or air mattresses allowed.

·      No braking devices allowed.

·      No operating motors.

·      Edges, corners, or projections on bed must be adequately padded to avoid injury.

·      No sharp items, glass or obscene items on beds.

·      A safety strap or tie down for rider is encouraged, but not required.

·      Wheels may be fixed or swivel.

·      Any size wheels are permitted.

·      Beds must have a minimum of four wheels.

·      No animals are allowed in the race (either on the bed or running).

10. Bed may be disqualified if rules & specs are not met.

11. Sooners: check-in beds between 5:15-5:30pm.

12.  Strut Your Stuff Parade of beds begins at 5:45 pm.

13. Boomers: the heat begins at 6:00 pm.

14. Race will be a timed event among 2 or 3 teams located on Oklahoma Avenue between Walnut St. & Elm St.

The top 2 fastest teams will race against each other in a final heat (after all beds have raced) to determine who wins 1st overall.

15.  Awards: 

*  Bring the Heat-fastest; team will receive a traveling trophy

*  Guthrie Spirit Award-Best bed design; team will receive a certificate

*  Broken Spring Award-What were you thinking award?; team will receive a high five

16. This race is all about fun, but public intoxication is not! Please abstain from alcohol.

17. This is a tobacco free event; only your wheels should be burnin’!

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