License/Permit Information

Sales Tax Permit: Contact the Oklahoma Tax Commission at: (405) 521-3279, (405) 521-3160. Information and downloadable forms are available at their website at (If you are growing the produce on your property & taking them to the Market, then you are not required to pay sales tax on the things you grew. If you modify, process or package them in anyway then the vendor is required to pay sales tax. Crafters & anything manufactured (jams, jellies, salsa, BBQ, etc.…) are also required to pay sales tax. Sales tax is based upon the location of the Market.)

Produce: No license is required.

Grower’s License: This is needed to sell nursery or potted plants. Contact the Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture Food & Forestry at (405) 521-3864 or Consumer Protection Division at (405) 522-5953.

Processed Food/Manufacturer’s License: For information about selling a processed food product(s) contact: Logan County Health Department to obtain the current name of the Food Manufacturer Facilitator for your area at (405) 282-3485.

Egg Selling Information: Contact Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food & Forestry-Food Safety Division; Poultry, Egg & Organic Section at (405) 522-5924 or (405) 522-6112. A license is required.

Dairy & Meat Products: Contact Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food & Forestry-Food Safety Division at (405) 522-6112 & the local health department for a mobile retail license.

Home Bakery: Info provided upon request regarding the Home Bakery Act. (All baked goods/jellies/jams have to be made in a certified kitchen & the Vendor must have a manufacturer’s license from the county health department.)