Fun Friday's are a great way to wrap up your week. These lunch and learns are designed to be fun, but still bring home a strong learning experience. They are lead by chamber investor Derrick Sier. Derrick is the CEO of OMOS Teambuilding, LLC. Derrick captures the attention of any group with energy and creativity. His contemporary approach empowers teams and organizations to reach their full potential, all while having fun. These lunch & learns are $5 for chamber investors & $10 for non-chamber investors. We make the eating fun too by serving pizza & soda. 

How to Build Your Team

Every team, no matter the profession or focus, must have a few foundational components in order to operate optimally. While many of these things exist organically, making them a priority creates a level of accountability and awareness amongst the team that can take them from good to great. If your group is good, but you want to explore how to lead them towards greatness, this session is for you. 

2/26/16 | 12 to 1:30p | $5 Members | $10 Non 

Living Life at Work

Why does my work matter? What does it contribute to my community? Does it help to fulfill my purpose? What is success to me? How do I determine when I’ve arrived? How do my life decisions impact my career? How does my career impact my career?

For many, work has become a tolerable chore, a means to an end, a way to pay bills. When that happens, these are the questions they begin to ask. Little do they know, work can be enjoyable, fulfilling and an important part of the larger picture of life. It should serve as an avenue to fulfill purpose, contribute to the community around you and a way to build professional and personal relationships.     

Join us as we discuss and learn what some of today’s most forefront thinkers have to say about how your life and work should operate together and the decision you can make to bring about tremendous and lasting change. 

3/25/16 | 12 to 1:30pm | $5 Members | $10 Non | Register Below

Family Games

We are in a time where the family dynamic is changing rapidly. Eating at the dinner table together is rare. Sitting in the same room watching the same television show is almost unheard-of. This generation of children is getting even more involved in activities outside of the home. Friends, coaches and teachers have more face-to-face contact with them than their parents. However, there has to be something that is unique to the family; a certain time during the day or day during the week or month; a certain activity or moment that is for the family only. How can that be achieved? Parents must be intentional and creative when competing with the world for their child’s attention. 

Come learn, swap and exchange some new activities and a few old activities with a modern twist that you can do with your family.  

4/22/16 | 12 to 1:30pm | $5 Members | $10 Non | Register Here

Why Marriage Matters at Work

In Entreleadership, Dave Ramsey reveals that he believes so adamantly that the romantic relationship at home directly impacts the performance at work. This stance has caused him to begin to interview the spouse or partner of anyone he personally hires. Rob Moll - Focus on the Family – says that today’s workplace has become the number one spot for infidelity. So, why does marriage matter at work? Many people believe there is a direct correlation between the two. Join our discussion as we explore marriage, the workplace and their impact on each other.  

5/27/16 | 12 to 1:30pm | $5 Members | $10 Non | Register Below

Customer Service – It Should Be Every Community’s Focus

Regions of the country, states, even cities can be known for the feel of their communities. Terms like “Southern Hospitality” imply a welcoming and warm environment. This attribute would not be possible if there was only one store in the town, one city in the state, one state in the region striving towards the mark of hospitable. The old African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” should also ring true in regards to a city and its businesses.  Come hear a few ways that communities all over the world have found ways to make customer service a community focus. 

6/24/16 | 12 to 1:30pm | $5 Members | $10 Non | Register Below

Office Energizers

Many of the leading companies in the world have tapped into the impact of getting their employees to laugh, dance, high-five and play with each other in the work place. And while your office may not lend itself to the environment created by the Googles, Facebooks and Pixars of the world, it doesn’t mean your employees have to enjoy themselves any less. Let’s explore a few simple, yet transformative avenues through which the office environment can stay energized. 

7/22/16 | 12 to 1:30pm | $5 Members | $10 Non | Register Below

Group Dynamics vs Social Dynamics

There is a big difference in understanding the individual personalities in your office and understanding how those personalities interact. In a nut shell, that’s the difference between group and social dynamics. Come explore three skills that every manager, supervisor and/or organizational leader should have in order to successfully navigate the dynamics of their group. 

8/26/16 | 12 to 1:30pm | $5 Members | $10 Non | Register Below

Creating, Implementing and Reinforcing Culture

One of the most difficult processes in organizational growth is culture. How can we create a culture within the organization that speaks to who we are, what we do, and where we want to go? Then, how do we get every employee on every level to absorb this vision? THEN, how do we externally communicate the culture of our organization to our partners, clients and community?  

Well, there are several organization that have successfully created, implemented and continues to reinforce their culture amongst their employees and to their partner, clients and community. Let’s explore their tactics and see how they can apply to our company’s. 

9/23/16 | 12 to 1:30pm | $5 Members | $10 Non | Register Below

Team Building Activities

Ideally, every organization would be able to bring in a professional team builder that is seasoned in social and group dynamics, and the associated activities that address those target areas. This way, not only does the organization receive an objective third party perspective and top-notch quality service, but the entire group gets to participate in the building process. But of course, there are many companies who either can’t afford this approach or don’t find value in paying for this particular service. This session will provide a peak into the value associated with healthy group and social dynamics, and how to see the team building potential in any group or social setting and using the simplest of items as tools.

10/28/16 | 12 to 1:30pm | $5 Members | $10 Non | Register Below

Workplace Advocacy

One of the greatest attributes of a team is their willingness to back each other up. The next level of workplace advocacy is when those team members who support one another begin to do the same for the company. Workplace advocacy has been a rising issue over the last ten years. The rise in interest and importance in this issue has been mainly attributed to the increased global awareness of the average worker and their desire to matter on that same level.  Join us in the discussion on workplace advocacy and how you can increase this attribute amongst your team and within your company.  

11/25/16 | 12 to 1:30pm | $5 Members | $10 Non | Register Below

Old Dog – New Tricks

During this time of the year, every organization should be attacking their strategic planning process for the next year. This process includes a reflection on what went well and not-so-well, the organization’s direction for the new year, implementation of new things, polishing the old, and etc. As necessary as these meetings are, they can easily become bland, perfunctory and dreaded. Come learn five things that have been proven to shake up, energize and reshape the approach to traditional strategic planning. 


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