Filling Your Editorial Calendar

21 Ideas to Get Your BLOG Calendar Started.

Here are 21 ideas to get you started:

  1. Write holiday and seasonal posts.
  2. Create weekly posts 
  3. Add promotional events. Look for promotional events that have something to do with your niche, technology and try to plan posts around those events. Search for hashtags that are used for those events to give your post more exposure. 
  4. Create a series post. Create 5-part series post because it fills up a full week.
  5. Research trends in your niche.
  6. Ask your readers what they want to learn about.
  7. Review books you've read in your niche.
  8. Check the editorial calendars of magazines and newspapers. Many of them are online and they spend time researching the best times to write about certain topics. It may spark ideas for your own posts.
  9. Use your keywords. Search Bing & Google for your keywords to see what others are writing about in your niche.
  10. Interview experts in your niche.
  11. Update your view on past posts. If you have been blogging for a while, you may have old posts that are no longer relevant. Update those posts.
  12. Add guest posts to your blog.
  13. Search for infographics in your niche.
  14. Subscribe to trade magazines in your niche to stay on top of the new products and ideas. 
  15. Create weekly roundups of interesting posts around the web.
  16. Share your personal tips. Not everyone has the same information you have an you may solve a problem for someone. (Example: Not everyone knows how to take a screen print on their phone.)
  17. Review products that you use in your daily life.
  18. Write the answers to the most frequently asked questions on your blog.
  19. Create a huge list of something (pertaining to your niche.)
  20. Tell a story.
  21. Use different mediums. Take a post and make a slideshow out of it or a video.

This list should give you a good start on filling out your editorial calendar.

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