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A Sneak Peek at Windows 10

Do you have a new computer with Windows 10 or are you wondering whether to upgrade to Windows 10? This jam-packed session will help you understand what all the hype is about with Windows 10!  We will show you the new interface and Start Menu, introduce you to Cortana (Windows 10 voice activated assistant), highlight a few built-in applications, discuss common security concerns, and have time for Q&A. 

2/2/16 | 7:30 to 9:00am | $5 Chamber Members | $10 Non-Members

Challenging Conversations

In our daily life and work, we are often confronted with situations that require a conversation we don’t want to have – an employee who is not performing well, or handling a confrontation between two colleagues. Not wanting to deal with it, we avoid the issue, hoping it will go away. Instead, the issue becomes worse until a major issue erupts. This session provides tools for handling these challenging conversations early on, by first recognizing why the issue is troubling and then focusing on what outcomes are needed to resolve the issue. By handling the issue while it is small, you will avoid the major future situation.  There will be group activities and practice handling of challenging conversations. By attending this session, you will be ready the next time you need to handle your own challenging conversation. 

3/1/16 | 7:30 to 9:00am | $5 Chamber Members | $10 Non-Members

Leadership: There's an App for That

In today’s sea of mobile device options, there is an app for almost anything! Whether you have an Apple or an Android phone, we will share several resources to help you with organization, productivity, personal development and a little bit of fun. Bring one of your favorite apps to share with the group! 

4/5/16 | 7:30 to 9:00am | $5 Chamber Members | $10 Non-Members

Be Aware, Be Prepared!

As business owners and managers - the medical safety of our employees and patrons is one of our greatest concerns – but really…What are we doing to ensure our bases are covered? What do we need to do? What will it cost to be prepared…maybe more importantly – what will it cost if we aren’t? Are you prepared if someone needs medical attention while on your premises? Are you aware of these easy steps to help prepare you for any medical contingency?

5/3/16 | 7:30 to 9:00am | $5 Chamber Members | $10 Non-Members

Improving Your Safety Culture

Improving the safety culture in your organization is a long-term and sometimes challenging process, but it is possible. And it’s worth it – prevention is a smart business strategy and simply the right thing to do. During this session, we will discuss the top health and safety issues facing businesses today. You will learn how to gradually apply strategy and methodical practices to improve your culture.

6/7/16 | 7:30 to 9:00am | $5 Chamber Members | $10 Non-Members

Balancing Your Time: Time Management

Time management is not just a matter of “getting more organized.” Instead it is about coming up with your own system for balancing competing draws on you and your time. In this class we will discuss time management techniques such as the difference between urgent and important, triage, and project management. Whether juggling tasks with competing deadlines, or scheduling a project, these techniques can help you perform better. Interactive examples will help strengthen the process of improving your time management.

7/5/16 | 7:30 to 9:00am | $5 Chamber Members | $10 Non-Members

Creativity in Business

Is creativity and innovative thinking important in small business? Creative thinking leads to creative business solutions which leads to business growth. We will explore fresh ways to increase your creative capacity and how to integrate innovation into your business model. 

8/2/16 | 7:30 to 9:00am | $5 Chamber Members | $10 Non-Members

Internet Security: Protecting Your Business Online

The internet has changed our lives in countless positive ways, but it also has a dark side. Personal privacy online is no longer possible, leaving you at risk from shady individuals, companies and security agencies. The decisions you and your colleagues make when you’re online can have major ramifications on your business. Come learn strategies and tips for how to better secure yourself and your business involvement online. Topics to be covered include: password fortification and management, secure web browsing, email, social media, credit and financial account monitoring, computer security, and mobile device security.

9/6/16 | 7:30 to 9:00am | $5 Chamber Members | $10 Non-Members

Blending Social Media with Traditional Marketing Efforts

Social media for business is a growing trend, but there’s no need to abandon one marketing venue for another.  Discover how to incorporate social media, who to target, and how to remain consistent with the strategy of your traditional marketing plan.  Then we will show you social media sites and provide advice on how to better manage those sites and your campaign.

10/4/16 | 7:30 to 9:00am | $5 Chamber Members | $10 Non-Members

Building a Workplace of Accountability

Accountability is one of the most important aspects of any business, and organizations that hold their employees accountable for their choices and tasks witness increased levels of productivity and efficiency. This high energy session will unpack what accountability really means, how you can foster it, and why it’s mission critical in your workplace. An Accountability Model will also be shared to help you as a leader better understand how to model the behaviors you’re seeking from others.

11/1/16 | 7:30 to 9:00am | $5 Chamber Members | $10 Non-Members


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