Logan County Health Department

Guthrie Public Schools Needed Physical Education Equipment List

Photo Credit: Not Guthrie Chamber

Photo Credit: Not Guthrie Chamber

Tis the season for giving and we would like to help meet some of the needs of Guthrie Public Schools so there is less burden on the school budget. 

Guthrie Chamber of Commerce's Education/Workforce Development Committee and Logan County Health Department are working together to help provide physical education equipment needed at all of the Guthrie Public Schools. Each school has a "wish list" that we hope can be filled before the schools go on Winter Break. Please sign up below beside the item(s) you would like to purchase for a school.

Items purchased can be delivered to the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce at 212 W. Oklahoma Ave. If you wish to receive a tax credit for your gift, please contact the chamber at 405-282-1947 to ensure you receive the appropriate documentation. 

If you have any questions about the items listed for each school, please contact Nikkiey Morton at (405)-833-2173 or nikkieym@health.ok.gov. 

Thank you for your support and making a  true difference for children in Guthrie!

December 2015 8 @ 8 Guthrie Chamber RoundTable Update

We had a great time at our 8 @ 8 Guthrie Chamber Roundtable today. The participants at these roundtables are learning from one another, building greater relationships & giving us feedback on how to better serve them as a Chamber. 

We want to THANK Mercy for hosting us! 

In attendance: Amy Carothers, Spoonful Pharmacy | Josh Tucker, Mercy | Julie Royal, Bancfirst | Nikkiey Morton, Logan County Health Department | Dustin Damery, Edward Jones | Derrick Sier, OMOS Teambuilding | Alex Purviance, Simone's | Katie Melvin, Physical Therapy Central

Sign-up to be invited to a Chamber Roundtable by CLICKING HERE.