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Guthrie Public Schools Needed Physical Education Equipment List

Photo Credit: Not Guthrie Chamber

Photo Credit: Not Guthrie Chamber

Tis the season for giving and we would like to help meet some of the needs of Guthrie Public Schools so there is less burden on the school budget. 

Guthrie Chamber of Commerce's Education/Workforce Development Committee and Logan County Health Department are working together to help provide physical education equipment needed at all of the Guthrie Public Schools. Each school has a "wish list" that we hope can be filled before the schools go on Winter Break. Please sign up below beside the item(s) you would like to purchase for a school.

Items purchased can be delivered to the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce at 212 W. Oklahoma Ave. If you wish to receive a tax credit for your gift, please contact the chamber at 405-282-1947 to ensure you receive the appropriate documentation. 

If you have any questions about the items listed for each school, please contact Nikkiey Morton at (405)-833-2173 or 

Thank you for your support and making a  true difference for children in Guthrie!

News 4 Covering Guthrie Chamber Education & Workforce Development Team

We are thrilled that News 4 came to do coverage on one of our Chamber Teams. Our Education & Workforce Development team is currently working on getting physical education equipment for the Guthrie Public Schools.

This was a project already put in motion by the Logan County Health Department. We are glad that our Chamber Investors & community at enlarge has this great opportunity to support our public schools. 

Click Here for more details. 

Guthrie Public Schools Needed Physical Education Equipment List

Nikkiey Morton, Logan County Health Department

Nikkiey Morton, Logan County Health Department

Doug Ogle, Guthrie Public Schools & Guthrie Chamber Board Chair for 2016

Doug Ogle, Guthrie Public Schools & Guthrie Chamber Board Chair for 2016

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Our Education and Workforce Team recently met. This team meets once a month at various schools. We only allow Guthrie Chamber Investors on this team. One of our big goals for this team is to match a BIG BUSINESS/ORGANIZATION with a school and then a small business/organization with every classroom. 

As we move forward as a Chamber and look to raise the quality life in Guthrie via our Investors by growing our economy - we have to support our schools. 

Here are some updates from Dr. Mike Simpson, Guthrie Public Schools Superintendent:

Regarding the current state of the bond:

  • Roof at GUES is done
  • Roof at Central is almost done
  • Roof at Fogarty will be complete @ end of calendar year
  • Money for the new school will be received August 2016

Regarding the schools in general

  • Smoothest school year start in Dr. Simpson's memory
  • Good sports year in the Fall
  • Beginning testing time
  • Academics
    • ACT scores are up (while state average is down)
    • More kids taking the ACT than before
    • Elementary: our students are at about 100% of them passing the 3rd grade reading test. 
      • in spite of 60% free/reduced lunch rate

Our next Education & Workforce Team meeting is December 17th.