Shopping for gifts in Guthrie

Shop Local!

I moved here in 2013 from Houston.  Houston is the third largest city in the country, so to shop local is not a stretch there.  You can have virtually anything you want, from soup to nuts, as long as you’re ok with a drive involving traffic, detours and parking nightmares.

When my husband and daughter and I moved to Guthrie, we could not believe our luck – no traffic!  No chemical plant glow on every horizon!  No wailing sirens!  No smog!!  Once we’d unpacked our boxes, we began planning how to coax the family and friends we’d left behind to come here and see what we’d found.

It wasn’t long before the relatives and friends started making trips to Oklahoma.  Before our guests arrived, I’d go shopping for things native to Oklahoma that I could have in a basket on the guest room bed.  Guthrie is a perfect place to get this sort of thing.  I can find great chocolates at Rick’s Fine Chocolates and Coffees, OSU kitsch at Kokopelli Village, old postcards at Above the Rest, a variety of Oklahoma souvenirs at Mark’s Drug and all things Guthrie at Treasures and Books. Gus’ Liquor carries Oklahoma wines and beers.  During the summer, I can find all manner of locally produced honeys and preserves at the Farmers’ Market. My, welcome-to-Oklahoma baskets have quickly become one of the high points of family visits.

My visits to the downtown shops have yielded many treasures – I now possess (thanks to Country Corner) a vintage radio, a wall hanging in the shape of Oklahoma made of barbed wire (where DO you find these things, Above the Rest), a painting of a goat for my office from Willoughby’s, a pillbox hat made entirely of feathers and several lollipops containing ants (I miss you, Prairie Gothic).

If you haven’t browsed the shops in Downtown Guthrie lately, do yourself a favor:  grab a coffee at Rick’s and hit the streets.  Who knows what you’ll find!!

Written by Laurie Fuller, CVB