Horse Feathers Equine Center supports the ASPCA Help a Horse Day

Horse Feathers Equine Center will be celebrating the ASPCA national Help a Horse Day on April 23, 2016 from 9am till 3pm at Liberty Lake, Guthrie OK competing for a chance to win up to $25,000 in grant prizes to assist with their efforts to protect horses. To celebrate the day, Horse Feathers Equine Center , in conjunction the Oklahoma Equestrian Trail Riders Association and the Logan County Trail Riders, who are making donations to make improvements for equestrians. We will be putting in a hitching rail, installing a picnic table, cleaning trails to make them safe for riding and making mounting blocks for those to get back on their horses when stopping. The lake access fee will be waived that day, too. Bring your horse and ride and clean the trails. This nationwide competition is for equine rescues and sanctuaries to raise awareness about the lifesaving work they do year-round to care for at-risk horses in their community who have often been abused or neglected. Horses have been central to the ASPCA’s work since its founding 150 years ago, when Henry Bergh stopped a cart driver from beating his horse, resulting in the first successful arrest for the mistreatment of a horse on April 26, 1866.

In order to win this contest we have to excel in the following categories:

• Number of people in attendance

• Amount of money raised

• 350-word essay

• Three event photos

We realize that not everyone can attend, but if you do that is awesome! If you cant, how you can help is to donate to us from April 1st to April 30th and help us raise as much money as possible. No amount is too small to help us win this contest. If you want to donate by check you can mail to: Horse Feathers Equine Center, PO Box 1372, Guthrie OK 73044.

You can also Paypal to:

“Horses are majestic, loving animals, and we hope our local supporters will come out on April 23, 2016 from 9am to 3pm to help us win a $25,000 grant so we can continue our lifesaving efforts for years to come.”

For more information about Horse Feathers Equine Center please visit

Raising My Family in the Heart of Guthrie

I’m a Guthrie’ite!  I was raised in this lovely town of Guthrie, Oklahoma, and these are days I’m proud to say that…..

I graduated Guthrie High School in 2001 & since then graduated from UCO w/a bachelor’s in science in Family Life Education; Marriage & Family.  I moved out of state after graduating college, then made my way back to Oklahoma.  After stating that I’d never move back to my hometown, I have actually landed right back here in Guthrie, America within the last few years!

The struggle was real…I never foresaw myself raising my family right in the heart of where I was raised, but it’s happening & I couldn’t be happier! The closeness of friends, family, & church fellowship is exactly what I needed to prosper in my adulthood. With having worked w/the Department of Human Services for 7 ½ years in Adult & Family Services, I have made a change to the Logan County Health Department as an Assistant Wellness Coordinator with the Healthy Living Program.

I took on this change in careers in order to invest my energy assisting the community in getting healthier.  I’ve realized that each one of us can make a difference by just reaching out to others or being a positive support to one another.

Healthy Living Program (funded by TSET-Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust) serves schools, community organizations, businesses, & cities/governments in Logan County to adopt an all-around healthy lifestyle through physical activity, proper nutrition, & being tobacco-free. Yes, we all know it’s difficult to do all these things on a consistent & regular basis as we have busy, personal lives, but we can all make a few changes in our lifestyles to create a better environment for all!

Eat Better: Eat your fruits & veggies each day; kids or no kids, make them accessible to grab on the go especially for those busy days of running to Cottonwood Flats or Owen’s Fields! Don’t forget to drink lots of water when doing so! Guthrie has a Farmer’s Market & a community garden; take time to learn about Vision Farms too (

Move More: Get 30 minutes of physical activity each day. Go to the walking trails or swim at Highland Park, walk around the Temple or shop downtown-discover Guthrie!

Be Tobacco Free: City of Guthrie is on board & their property is tobacco-free as of 2014!! You can get free patches, gum, or lozenges along with free quit coaching for those who are ready to quit tobacco at 1-800-QUIT NOW (can’t pass down FREE!).

So choose Guthrie, explore your options, & don’t think there’s nothing there for you to do! Create your own life plan because there is always something going on that YOU can be involved in and support small town Guthrie!

Written by Carissa Redman | Assistant Wellness Coordinator | Logan County Health Department

Guthrie Chamber Spotlight - Laura Dutton


Work Bio:

  • Laura Dutton
  • Job Title:  Administrator
  • Company Name – Willow Creek Healthcare
  • Company Website –

1. Tell us about your company?   

Willow Creek Healthcare is home to 85 extraordinary residents of our community.  Our staff of approximately 100 dedicated employees have the privilege of taking care of them in their home each day.  We partner with the Guthrie Public School system, so during the school year we also get to witness a Pre-Kindergarten class interact with our residents for singing, arts and crafts, reading and show and tell.  This interaction is priceless.  Willow Creek is a great place to work.    

2. What’s one thing that makes your company great?   

Working for a mission-minded company makes all the difference in my day.  I know that each day my main focus is to give quality care and respect to each and every resident.  I pass that same respect on to my co-workers. 

3. Why is Guthrie a great community to be part of? 

Guthrie’s is full of opportunities.  There are many things to do as far as entertainment, unique shopping, volunteer opportunities, super schools and educators, and of course, our awesome annual festivals.  I believe the leaders of our community are inspired and want to continue to grow our city so that people feel like they can raise their families and feel connected to such a great place.   

4. Why is your company a part of the chamber? 

Willow Creek is a chamber member to stay connected with our community.  We want to be part of the progress of Guthrie and we believe that being a chamber member will help us to do that. 

5. What was the last thing that made you smile?

The thing that ALWAYS makes me smile every day is seeing and interacting with my pre K kids. They love unconditionally and give me hugs every day. 

Shopping for gifts in Guthrie

Shop Local!

I moved here in 2013 from Houston.  Houston is the third largest city in the country, so to shop local is not a stretch there.  You can have virtually anything you want, from soup to nuts, as long as you’re ok with a drive involving traffic, detours and parking nightmares.

When my husband and daughter and I moved to Guthrie, we could not believe our luck – no traffic!  No chemical plant glow on every horizon!  No wailing sirens!  No smog!!  Once we’d unpacked our boxes, we began planning how to coax the family and friends we’d left behind to come here and see what we’d found.

It wasn’t long before the relatives and friends started making trips to Oklahoma.  Before our guests arrived, I’d go shopping for things native to Oklahoma that I could have in a basket on the guest room bed.  Guthrie is a perfect place to get this sort of thing.  I can find great chocolates at Rick’s Fine Chocolates and Coffees, OSU kitsch at Kokopelli Village, old postcards at Above the Rest, a variety of Oklahoma souvenirs at Mark’s Drug and all things Guthrie at Treasures and Books. Gus’ Liquor carries Oklahoma wines and beers.  During the summer, I can find all manner of locally produced honeys and preserves at the Farmers’ Market. My, welcome-to-Oklahoma baskets have quickly become one of the high points of family visits.

My visits to the downtown shops have yielded many treasures – I now possess (thanks to Country Corner) a vintage radio, a wall hanging in the shape of Oklahoma made of barbed wire (where DO you find these things, Above the Rest), a painting of a goat for my office from Willoughby’s, a pillbox hat made entirely of feathers and several lollipops containing ants (I miss you, Prairie Gothic).

If you haven’t browsed the shops in Downtown Guthrie lately, do yourself a favor:  grab a coffee at Rick’s and hit the streets.  Who knows what you’ll find!!

Written by Laurie Fuller, CVB

Get The Most Out Of Your Chamber Membership

Get the most out your investment by:

  • Attending networking based events (go to at least one a month)
  • Taking advantage of sponsorship opportunities
  • Join a team (doesn't mean you have to show-up to every meeting but we would like for you to)
  • Host a Pride workshop for your team (premium members only)
  • Do Leadership Guthrie 2016/2017 (must apply)
  • Referring business to other Chamber Investors; They will repay you with the same.
  • Taking advantage of other marketing opportunities made available i.e. advertise on GuthrieChamber.Com, sponsor an email blast with just your content, etc.
  • Updating your information on the Guthrie Chamber online directory every 6 months (set a reminder on your calendar)

Attend monthly networking events: (attend at least 1 a month)

  • Chamber Coffee (actually this happens every Wednesday and is hosted by a different Chamber Investor each week)
  • Chamber After Hours
  • 12 @ 12 | 8 @ 8 | 6 @ 6
  • Educational series (learn and network at the same time)

Join a chamber team:

  • Ambassador Team meets every 3rd Wednesday at 8am in the Chamber Board Room.
  • Education & Workforce Development Team meets every 3rd Thursday at 4p at a different school each month.
  • Business Council Team meets every 2nd Thursday at 8a in the Chamber Board Room.
  • Leadership Guthrie Team meets as needed.

Learn more about each team and join one today by CLICKING HERE.

Host one of these events at your business or organization:

  • Host a Chamber Coffee
  • Host a Chamber After Hours
  • Host a Pride Workshop (premium investors only)

Sponsor an event in 2016 for more exposure:

  • Annual Banquet
  • Annual First Capitol TRI
  • New Teacher Luncheon
  • Golf Tournament
  • Educational Series

Other marketing opportunities:

  • Weekly Email with just your info
  • Ad space on Guthrie Chamber website
  • Quarterly calendar

Call Heady at 405-282-1947 or email him at for more information or any questions you may have.

#400 #CommunityWins

Guthrie Chamber Spotlight: Blue Belle Grille House

Today we spotlight Blue Belle Grille House. We asked questions to The Russell Family. They are the owners of Blue Belle Grille House. Have fun reading! 

Your full name – The Russel Family
Job title – Owners
Company name -  Blue Belle Grille House Historically known as the "Blue Belle Saloon"   
Company website - Facebook

Tell us about your company? 

We are the New and improved Blue Belle Saloon. We have renamed as the "Blue Belle Grille House". The Building underwent 2 months of improvements throughout. Mainly to the kitchen. In addition we remodeled the second side Offering a unique environment for Family Dining and Large Groups.

What's one thing that makes your company great?  

Our Business is a great place to take in a little History along with an exceptional meal. We wanted to offer Fresh Homemade meals that anyone would be sure to enjoy and afford.  Whether your looking for a date night or a family dining experience our staff is here to make your dining experience enjoyable.

Why is Guthrie a great community to be a part of?

Guthrie is a very Traditional Society, a true red, white & blue mom and pop community. With deep roots in its past and a willingness to embrace new businesses into their community.

Why is your company a part of the Chamber?

We are a part of the Chamber of Commerce as it brings many opportunities for the business. Awareness in the community through websites and Pamphlets that reach in and beyond the Guthrie community. It lets Patrons know that we are a Viable Business here in Guthrie.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

The interest we received from the Victorian Walk was fantastic. We had such a great & diverse crowd come in and dine with us. We welcomed people from Norway to different parts of the United States, this truly left a lasting smile.

What is your location? 

224 W Harrison Ave, Guthrie, OK 73044

What are your hours of operation? 

Monday Closed | Tuesday - Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. | Sunday 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Guthrie Public Schools Needed Physical Education Equipment List

Photo Credit: Not Guthrie Chamber

Photo Credit: Not Guthrie Chamber

Tis the season for giving and we would like to help meet some of the needs of Guthrie Public Schools so there is less burden on the school budget. 

Guthrie Chamber of Commerce's Education/Workforce Development Committee and Logan County Health Department are working together to help provide physical education equipment needed at all of the Guthrie Public Schools. Each school has a "wish list" that we hope can be filled before the schools go on Winter Break. Please sign up below beside the item(s) you would like to purchase for a school.

Items purchased can be delivered to the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce at 212 W. Oklahoma Ave. If you wish to receive a tax credit for your gift, please contact the chamber at 405-282-1947 to ensure you receive the appropriate documentation. 

If you have any questions about the items listed for each school, please contact Nikkiey Morton at (405)-833-2173 or 

Thank you for your support and making a  true difference for children in Guthrie!

6 Questions To Ask Yourself For 2016

Our Business Council Team met last week. It was a great meeting. I wanted to share with you 6 questions we came up with for you to be asking yourself for 2016:

  1. What are you doing to grow your customer base?
  2. Who are some people that can help you grow your business? 
  3. What events could you start attending to help your business and to help others? 
  4. How will you get information out about the services you provide? 
  5. What will you do to serve your community? 
  6. How much do you want grow in 2016? 

Chamber Investors present for the Business Council Meeting: Team Captain Sara Whitt, AAA Insurance; Heath Shelton, Shelton Photography; Cody Mosely, City of Guthrie; Laurie Fuller, CVB; Mike Zserdin, Entrepreneur; Justin Fortney, Logan County Health Department

News 4 Covering Guthrie Chamber Education & Workforce Development Team

We are thrilled that News 4 came to do coverage on one of our Chamber Teams. Our Education & Workforce Development team is currently working on getting physical education equipment for the Guthrie Public Schools.

This was a project already put in motion by the Logan County Health Department. We are glad that our Chamber Investors & community at enlarge has this great opportunity to support our public schools. 

Click Here for more details. 

Guthrie Public Schools Needed Physical Education Equipment List

Nikkiey Morton, Logan County Health Department

Nikkiey Morton, Logan County Health Department

Doug Ogle, Guthrie Public Schools & Guthrie Chamber Board Chair for 2016

Doug Ogle, Guthrie Public Schools & Guthrie Chamber Board Chair for 2016

Territorial Christmas & More





  • We need all the businesses to test the Christmas lights on their buildings this next week in Downtown Guthrie.  Rick Gordon(Cheri's husband ) has offered to assist anyone who has a problem with their lights. Not rewiring but checking the bulbs and plugs.  We need as many building lighted as possible for the Victorian walk nights. Contact Rick at 405-260-2345. 
  • Guthrie Chamber offices will be closed on November 26th & 27th.
  • You can see all the upcoming events at the calendar.

Why You Should Know Your Website's PageRank?

Photo Credit: Not the Guthrie Chamber's

Photo Credit: Not the Guthrie Chamber's

PageRank is a relative measure of the popularity of a website, especially its value as a link. Inbound links, which are extremely important to search engine ranking, can be compared by their PageRank. For a typical eCommerce website here in Guthrie, a PageRank of 3 is very good. A PageRank of 1 or 2 means that Google knows you're there and you are probably going to move up if you put in a little extra work. If your PageRank is 0, you have a a fair amount of work to do. There is some debate about how much the value of PageRank really matters, but it should not be ignored.

You want inbound links from websites with PageRanks at least as high as yours.

December 2015 8 @ 8 Guthrie Chamber RoundTable Update

We had a great time at our 8 @ 8 Guthrie Chamber Roundtable today. The participants at these roundtables are learning from one another, building greater relationships & giving us feedback on how to better serve them as a Chamber. 

We want to THANK Mercy for hosting us! 

In attendance: Amy Carothers, Spoonful Pharmacy | Josh Tucker, Mercy | Julie Royal, Bancfirst | Nikkiey Morton, Logan County Health Department | Dustin Damery, Edward Jones | Derrick Sier, OMOS Teambuilding | Alex Purviance, Simone's | Katie Melvin, Physical Therapy Central

Sign-up to be invited to a Chamber Roundtable by CLICKING HERE.

Get the updates on Guthrie Public Schools!


Hope your week is a super duper successful one!

Our Education and Workforce Team recently met. This team meets once a month at various schools. We only allow Guthrie Chamber Investors on this team. One of our big goals for this team is to match a BIG BUSINESS/ORGANIZATION with a school and then a small business/organization with every classroom. 

As we move forward as a Chamber and look to raise the quality life in Guthrie via our Investors by growing our economy - we have to support our schools. 

Here are some updates from Dr. Mike Simpson, Guthrie Public Schools Superintendent:

Regarding the current state of the bond:

  • Roof at GUES is done
  • Roof at Central is almost done
  • Roof at Fogarty will be complete @ end of calendar year
  • Money for the new school will be received August 2016

Regarding the schools in general

  • Smoothest school year start in Dr. Simpson's memory
  • Good sports year in the Fall
  • Beginning testing time
  • Academics
    • ACT scores are up (while state average is down)
    • More kids taking the ACT than before
    • Elementary: our students are at about 100% of them passing the 3rd grade reading test. 
      • in spite of 60% free/reduced lunch rate

Our next Education & Workforce Team meeting is December 17th. 



November Tips from our Business Council Team

Our Business Council Team meets once a month in the Guthrie Chamber Board Room. One of the goals before leaving the meeting is to come up with tips that we can share with all of our Guthrie Chamber Investors. 

At our last meeting we came up with 5 tips to share with you: 

  1. Stay open late for the holidays if you're a retail business or restaurant. 
  2. Diversity your advertisement dollars i.e. use social media, print and maybe billboards.
  3. Partner with other Chamber Investors to help promote shopping local.
  4. Go shop and visit other local businesses and organizations to stay informed with what's available in your community. This way you will be able to assist your customers beyond your business. 
  5. We talked about how Manner Matters as a group and thought we should remind everyone to always be kinder than necessary when people come into your business because we are all representing each other. #WeAreGuthrie

Thanks to these awesome people for attending our Business Council Meeting and providing these awesome tips: Brandi Cain, John Vance; Jeff Odom, Citizens Bank; James Long, Guthrie Real Estate; Cody Mosely, City of Guthrie; Cagney Moorman, Farmers & Merchant; Sara Whitt, AAA Insurance; H.C. Patel, Sleep Inn; Justin Fortney, Logan County Health Department; Macey Barber, At Link; Pam Nelson, Guthrie Newsleader; Health Shelton, Shelton Photography; Laurie Fuller, CVB


Guthrie Chamber Spotlight: Tammy Williams | Ash Street Place

5 Questions for Chamber Spotlight

Work Bio:

Your full name – Tammy Williams
Job title – Director of Nursing, 
Company name -  Ash Street Place Assisted Living   
Company website -

Tell us about your company?  

Ash Street Place is the only assisted living facility in Guthrie.  And, we are located in the heart of historic downtown.  We are family owned and operated by long-time Guthrie residents.  We offer high quality personalize care by friendly, professional staff.  Our residents enjoy a dignified, beautiful environment at Ash Street Place.  

What's one thing that makes your company great?  

We believe that you can speak volumes about the community in which you live by embracing the elderly and their wonderful spirits. The owners and managers see that the staff have all the tools, equipment and supplies we need to provide the best care for our residents.  

Why is Guthrie a great community to be a part of?

Guthrie has beautiful neighborhoods with great architecture, great musical concerts and family-oriented events like parades, races and craft sales, all year round.

Why is your company a part of the Chamber?

We are a part of the Chamber to stay updated with concerns of the members and keeping in touch with the needs of our community so we can be a part of the solution in continuing to make Guthrie all that it can be.  

What was the last thing that made you smile?

I share a smile with our residents every day!