Crossroads Clinic

Tell us about your business.

Crossroads exists to present alternatives to abortion and promote Biblical sexuality, all while demonstrating the love and salvation of Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior.” Everything we do at Crossroads must fit into this Mission Statement. Whether our TRACE program which equips students with life-saving information to build the best future possible, our PASSAGES post abortion healing classes, our STD Testing and Treatment clinics, or our pregnancy testing, options education and ultrasound services— it all must fit into that mission statement.

What is one thing that makes your business great?

Crossroads is great because, as a Pro Abundant Life ministry we have the opportunity to see lives saved physically and spiritually! Saving lives for this world is critically important. But saving lives for eternity is the most important thing we can do. True and lasting transformation of those involved in making pregnancy decisions (moms, dads, family, friends) comes only through a transformative relationship with Jesus Christ. As pro abundant life people, we celebrate and encourage efforts to help mothers and fathers making pregnancy decisions come to transformative relationships with Jesus Christ.

Why is Guthrie a great community to be a part of?

Guthrie is a great community to be a part of because the people care about and support each other. Twelve years ago when we knew God was calling us to bring hope and help to those facing unwanted, untimely or unexpected pregnancies - we reached out to this community for support. They responded with prayer, resources and encouragement to help us become one of the most effective pregnancy help clinics in the country today.

Why is your company a part of the Chamber?

We support the Chamber because the business of this community have been incredibly supportive of Crossroads’ ministry in Guthrie, OKC, and the surrounding community.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

That’s easy! This week we saw several moms who were in crisis because of unplanned pregnancies come to our clinics, receive options counsel including free ultrasounds - and chose LIFE for their tiny unborn babies. In the first two months of this year we have already seen 26 babies saved from abortion!

On a personal level, my biggest smile recently was spending the afternoon with my grandkids at Highland Park. We walked the trails, enjoying the beauty around us and enjoying each other’s company.