Simple Life Center - Making a Difference in Guthrie

Tell us about your origination.  SLC is a community center to have fun in that one can come for free to enjoy games, music, laughter, learn, and lots more! A community center that is TECH FREE! We have several events that occur at different times, days, seasons that include tutoring, art, candle making, professional days on Fridays (for professionals to come with a specific skill), swimming, bicycling, lemonade stand, ice cream social, tea parties, and movie nights.

What makes your origination great? PEOPLE!! Smiles, Fun, Laughter!! People being human without technology!

Why is Guthrie a great community to be apart of?  Small town atmosphere where people care and support about one another.

Why is your origination apart of the Chamber?  To join in on the leadership within Guthrie so I can better have understanding of the needs and wants along with awareness within the community. I love being able to go to Chamber events especially at Chamber Coffees and be able to state my name and who I represent. It’s great networking and being able to see and know Guthrie’s businesses and organizations. We want the kids who are educated or trained here in Guthrie (especially at SLC!), to be the professionals here in our town!

What was the last thing that made you smile?   For Mother’s Day, my friend wrote a poem about Motherhood-Not only did I smile, but  a tear trickled down my face.