Business Spotlight - Boutique 206

Tell us about your business

Boutique 206 opened in October 2014. It really just happened very quickly after a discussion with my husband about what I wanted to do once the kids started school. In a matter of two weeks Boutique 206 was more than a passing conversation and we were on our way to market on a day long whirlwind shopping expedition. With the help of a friend, a fashion marketing major who helped choose brands and a style, We opened our doors and were welcomed by the community with open arms. Boutique 206 is a women apparel and accessory store. And more recently we have expanded our selection to now include giftable and home decor items as well as a few items for the men. Also Boutique 206 is home to G Studio Salon, operated by Tori Hood.

What is one thing that makes your business great?

I think one thing that makes us great are of course our customers who support us. But also my employees who work here make us great. I am very fortunate to have a great staff of young ladies who are a part of this community and who have all became more than employees, we’re a family who loves and supports each other.     

Why is Guthrie a great community to be a part of?

Guthrie is an incredible little town that has so much charm and uniqueness to it. Guthrie has a ton of potential and to be a part of the growth that Guthrie has is incredible. I love to hear visitors say they stopped in Guthrie because it has a charm to it and then to hear them say they will return because there is so much here to enjoy, and the shops and people have been so great to visit with.

Why is your company a part of the Chamber?

We’re part of the Chamber because we want to be a part of the growth and to help others see what Guthrie has to offer.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

Honestly writing these things out about my business and my hometown. This is an incredible place to live, the people in this community and the feeling that this place is and has always been home is an incredible feeling to have.