Making Healthy Living Changes in the New Year

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 As we begin a new year, my motto will be this: Out with the old, in with the new. To me this means that I will think about every action and say “Is this right for me or could I be doing something different?” In health it means the same thing. So Guthrie businesses, in 2017 I encourage you to:

· Become a tobacco free worksite- not only does this create a healthier    environment, it also saves time on picking up all the tobacco litter outside.

· Make healthier choices more readily available.

·  Get up and get moving. Encourage employees to be active and support  them in those efforts.

· Rethink your Drink

Kudos to the 2017 Certified Healthy Oklahoma organizations that are being recognized for promoting health and wellness in Logan County where residents live, work, learn, and play. Congrats on setting positive examples and shaping brighter futures for Oklahomans.

Family and Children’s Consultants- Basic            

 City of Guthrie (Community)- Excellence

Langston University- Excellence                                        

City of Crescent (Community)- Merit

Logan County Health Department- Excellence              

First Baptist Church (Guthrie)- Merit

Mercy Hospital Logan County- Excellence                      

First Christian Church (Guthrie)- Merit              

Red Rock Consulting- Excellence                                      

Seventh-day Adventist Church (Guthrie)-Basic

City of Guthrie (Business)- Merit                                      

YMCA Before and After School Program- Basic

Logan County Aging- Merit                                                

First Step Academy too (Langston)-Basic

Logan Community Services- Merit                                    

Macks 512 Academy- Basic

Guthrie Early Head Start- Merit                                         

For more information about becoming involved in the Logan County Healthy Living Program grant and making a difference where we live, work, and play please contact Courtney McLemore, Wellness Coordinator for the Logan County Health Department, at 405-282-3485 or at