Guthrie Chamber Spotlight - Laura Dutton


Work Bio:

  • Laura Dutton
  • Job Title:  Administrator
  • Company Name – Willow Creek Healthcare
  • Company Website –

1. Tell us about your company?   

Willow Creek Healthcare is home to 85 extraordinary residents of our community.  Our staff of approximately 100 dedicated employees have the privilege of taking care of them in their home each day.  We partner with the Guthrie Public School system, so during the school year we also get to witness a Pre-Kindergarten class interact with our residents for singing, arts and crafts, reading and show and tell.  This interaction is priceless.  Willow Creek is a great place to work.    

2. What’s one thing that makes your company great?   

Working for a mission-minded company makes all the difference in my day.  I know that each day my main focus is to give quality care and respect to each and every resident.  I pass that same respect on to my co-workers. 

3. Why is Guthrie a great community to be part of? 

Guthrie’s is full of opportunities.  There are many things to do as far as entertainment, unique shopping, volunteer opportunities, super schools and educators, and of course, our awesome annual festivals.  I believe the leaders of our community are inspired and want to continue to grow our city so that people feel like they can raise their families and feel connected to such a great place.   

4. Why is your company a part of the chamber? 

Willow Creek is a chamber member to stay connected with our community.  We want to be part of the progress of Guthrie and we believe that being a chamber member will help us to do that. 

5. What was the last thing that made you smile?

The thing that ALWAYS makes me smile every day is seeing and interacting with my pre K kids. They love unconditionally and give me hugs every day.