How Guthrie plays Board Games

Meet Timothy and Kailyn Swonger,

Founders/Owners of The Boarding House

Tell us about your company? The Boarding House is a board and table game lounge and snack bar. We have a huge selection of snack foods and drinks, as well as hundreds of board, card, and table games to choose from! Our goal is to provide a space with hours that are accessible to those who work and go to school; to provide a fun and inviting atmosphere that offers a unique form of entertainment while motivating interaction; and to provide these things in such a way that it fills the gaps in Guthrie’s food and entertainment offerings, rather than repeating what someone else is already doing. For us, the appeal of The Boarding House is less about board games than you would think. Our goal is relational. It’s the rejuvenation, promotion, and growth of this beautiful historic town we love. The goal is community.

What's one thing that makes your company great? Definitely something that sets The Boarding House apart, besides the unique entertainment we offer, is our hours. Catering to the modern busy lifestyles of our customers is important to us. We're open from 2:30P-10:30P on weekdays, and from 2:30P-midnight on Saturdays.

Why is Guthrie a great community to be a part of? Guthrie is an amazing place to live, work, or visit because it has a little bit of everything: history, gorgeous architecture, art, culture, events, music and museums, all with a small-town laid back feel and a close-knit, friendly community.

Why is your company a part of the Chamber? We decided to join the Chamber because we feel it's important to dedicate and involve ourselves in our community, as much as possible. The Chamber provides excellent resources and insight for small businesses, and is a useful tool in staying connected to the pulse of the town.

What was the last thing that made you smile? Hearing my son (almost 3) tell his sister (just turned 1) that he would share his snack with her.