Guthrie Chamber Spotlight: Simone's Cafe

Today we spotlight Simone's Cafe. We asked questions to Alex & Debra Purviance. They are the owners of Simone's Cafe. Have fun reading! 

Tell us about your company?

Simone's cafe is a small locally owned and operated cafe. Located on the edge of Historic Downtown Guthrie on the corner of Vilas and Division where we are serving up country/home style cooking from 6am to 2pm seven days a week.

What's one thing that makes your company great?

What makes Simone's cafe so great is the hard work, hospitality and dedication of its staff. Since we are a small restaurant we are able to be personable with our guests. We try to learn names and preferences and accommodate when possible to make our guests a pleasant dining experience.

Why is Guthrie a great community to be a part of?

What makes Guthrie such a great community has to be the people. The people of Guthrie have shown us so much support. Guthrie is also our home town so many of our customers are our friends, family and former classmates. 

Why is your company a part of the Chamber?

We invest in the chamber because we want to network with other local businesses.  Hopefully share common goals to help grow our community.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

The last thing that made me (Alex) smile was seeing my beautiful wife (Debra) carrying groceries into work. 

Simone's Cafe | 223 S. Division St, Guthrie, Ok 73044 | See there Facebook Page.