It is almost that time! Ready for some home town fun??

Guthrie Summer Streets is a local health and wellness project that showcases #ChooseGuthrie. We believe active transportation- like biking or walking from point A to B- promotes healthier residents with closer ties to their community. We also believe that everyone should #ChooseGuthrie.

If you’re a business, non profit, or really any other organization that serves Guthrie residents, may apply to host an activity.

1. You MUST have a hands on…family friendly….activity that will engage children and families. Guthrie Summer Streets activities focus on active living, community health, urban design, and public spaces. Your activity should fall into one of those categories

2. This is not a time of selling your product, but informing the community about your services and what you offer

3. The best activities are engaging. All activities must be free and safe

4. We cannot provide electricity, tables, or chairs. In fact, the only thing we can provide is a free space for you to host your activity on a street closed to automobiles. Unless you count enthusiasm…we can provide lots of that

5. Your business or organization must serve Guthrie residents. We want to showcase what you provide for the community and let people know you are there. You don’t have to be located here

This event is PROUDLY brought to you by: Guthrie Chamber of Commerce, Guthrie City Hall, NorthChurch Guthrie, Shelton’s Photography and Design and the Logan County Health Department.

If you have any questions- please contact Courtney McLemore, Logan County Health Department at<>OR Tracy Zserdin, Guthrie Chamber of Commerce at<>

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